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More than just a 360° tour!

Our service for you:

360° Tour

You want to stand out from the crowd?

Then a 360 degree tour is just right for you. Take advantage of this innovative opportunity to convince your customers.

360° Info points

Info points bring your 360 ° Tour to life.

We can integrate photos, videos, links or even audio data directly into your 360 ° tour. This is how perfect storytelling succeeds.

Virtuel Reality (VR)

Immerse yourself to the VR world!

With VR glasses, 3D worlds can be experienced as realistically as never before. They are in the middle of the action. Your customers will be thrilled!

3D Map & Modell

The 3D Map provides an overview of the premises. The whole object or every single floor can be viewed. In the 3D model you can look at your object like a dollhouse. Through a so-called “Inside View” you get into the interior view.

2D Floor plan

With the help of laser measurement, objects can be documented quickly and reliably. The 2D floor plan shows walls, windows, doors, etc. in scale, so that room sizes and wall lengths are readable.

Construction support

By regularly recording the construction phases, the construction progress can be reliably documented. Clients can be informed and deviations can be detected early. Milestones are visualized!

Your benefits with Your 360

Customer satisfaction

To attract new customers and attention it requires more: Innovation, experience, interest, perception ... Whether in the B2B or B2C area, Your 360 will bring you this attention!


Target every single customer. Stand out from the crowd. Use the possibility of storytelling. 360 degree tours enhanced by information, photos, booking links ... makes the customer experience unique.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. are indispensable today. Be attentive, thanks to fast linking and postings of your 360 ° Tour!

Increase in sales

Take advantage of the promotional effect of our 360 ° tours. A purchase or booking decision will be much easier for your customers.

Expert in real estate

​Sales & rental

Use Your 360 to present your property in the best possible way:

Construction support

Your 360 helps you to document the construction progress. Thanks to regular recordings, errors can be detected early.

Show the developer the progress in an innovative way, regardless of location.


FAQ creating  360° Tours

A 360 ° tour consists of many 360 ° images. In order to move freely within a room, these pictures are joined together. This creates an image of reality in which you can move.

A Pricelist can be found under Prices. Depending on the project and individual request, the price varies for a full 360 ° tour. We have decided to make our prices transparent and easy for you. For an individual offer, contact us.

After clarification of the formalities, we arrange an appointment with you. Our camera operator will be at the agreed time on your object to take the 360 ​​° shots. To get the best result, we have prepared a checklist.

Your rooms should be designed the way you are to be perceived later. Of course, we will be available to advise you in advance.

The time required depends on the size of the object and the interior design. Empty rooms can be recorded faster than winding rooms with many objects.

As a rough rule of thumb, one can assume:

100 m2 can be taken in about one hour.

This depends heavily on the project. The larger the recording area and the processing, the longer it takes. We try to give you the first 360 ° visualization within 5 days of the recording. Depending on which processing is required and how extensive the acceptance loop is, the more time we need. Roughly estimated, a completed 360 ° tour can be delivered after about 7-10 days.

To make integration as easy as possible, we offer you an all-in-one solution. You will receive a web link from us that you can integrate, send or post.

If you would like to extend your synopsis (ImmobilienScout24) with a 360 ° tour, we will send you an iframe code.

Also a Goolge Street View integration can be done, please contact us.

By clicking on the play button the 360 ​​° tour starts automatically. Nothing has to be installed!

It’s best to use the latest version of your browser.

  • Firefox 4 and higher
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher
  • Google Chrome 9 and higher
  • Safari 5.1 and higher (from Mountain Lion)
  • Opera 12 and higher

Yes we are mobile. It is best to contact us so that we can discuss the project details.

Get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation.



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